The link to Talking People is http://www.talkingpeople.net/ (In Class, Skills: Writing / Speaking, Podcasts: The Talking People Podcast, Literature, People & Culture…)

The links to the two EOI School websites we’ll be using are http://www.eoileganes.es/  (Área Privada) and http://www.eoigetafe.es/ (Students’ Corner, YouTube)

Some How to posts here: How to work with your audio materialsHow to prepare a monolog at homeGetting along with your teacher

FREE AUDIOS. From the Talking People Podcast, these episodes from the segment called Useful Language:

But under “Useful Language” there are many other episodes you might find useful to learn to speak fluenty and making no mistakes. Listening and repeating helps you automatize production.

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  1. […] Some days ago I was kind of worried about the group, and I posted my concerns in Spanish here. Well, this is just to say that the Writings on Climate Change by this group have been really good! I had posted some tips for the other Intermedio 2 group here, but I think it’ll be more helpful for them to read your work! So — I’d love to publish them on Talking People, so that more people can get ideas on how to write good pieces on that topic! Oh — something else that impressed me, is that the people doing this task have followed my advice on proofreading, too! And there are a few pieces with an impressive outline! (love bubbles) (The Writing Guideline, for people who are lost, is on the Page here called LEARN 2 LEARN) […]

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