Resources on Talking People for February Exam Format Practice (direct links)

February 5, 2013

Different people have different needs – you all amount to over 100 people so bear this in mind! I have to try to help all of you, right? And you all have different kinds of intelligences and backgrounds and you name it!

Here is a list of a few different resources. Establish your priorities and work on your weekly learning plan. Then just be patient and work a bit whenever you can.

  • Skimming and Scanning for Reading Comprehension: you all know about this, but if you are unsure, please have a look at my notes.
  • Notes on Communicative Strategies (& Oral Textual Structures): check out the page called “Developing Comm. Strats.” where you will find a list of possible scenarios & useful language to overcome those communication problems.
  • Just uploaded “How to do cloze tests.” (Btw! I need to link to that also from the How to Learn section) Both In2 and Av2’s are welcome to download it. It’s on the Talking People page with exercises we’ll be doing in Avanzado 2 during this month of February. Read it and if you come up with more ideas on how to improve the explanation and list of words that can be analyzed, let me know. Av2’s should note that the kind of cloze test they’ll take is not the one-word type but the phrase-type. There is an exercise there like that, but please don’t do it yet. Int2 Lunes got a copy the other day and Int2 Martes will get it next Thursday.
  • Avanzado 2’s can do the two listenings on animals (pets, nature). If you made a mistake in the Listen-Once activity, you should listen again, using the Skeleton of Meaning technique (SoM). Please, give the technique a chance. You should be open to learning new ways of doing things. Then, once you have tried to master it (you need to practice a bit to master it, of course), you can decide you don’t want to use it, of course. Actually, I don’t recommend people to use techniques they have not trained in before in their Certificate tests.

The follow-up exercise for these two Listen-Once recordings is this:
– Listen again to gather Useful Language for a re-telling of each episode. You will learn new words and expressions, and above all, how things are worded in English.
– Listen to jot down chunks of language you don’t understand. Use the sounds to write them down, and if possible, phonemic transcription. Then try to see if by repeating aloud those sounds, you manage to work out their spelling. Keep in mind your chunk might be one or several words! Then share your work in class, OK? You can also hand it in, if you like, for feedback.

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