Some more tips

October 14, 2012

What do I mean with “Never trust the teacher!!”?
I mean you should be an active listener!
So don’t take me wrong! An active listener and a critical thinker! 🙂

Should you fear exams?
Nope! Training for an exam is something you do in a few session. I call it training in exam format. What we are doing every day in terms of  learning goes far beyond an exam! It’s much bigger! You are learning a language! That’s BIG. Exams are uninteresting, and they do not evaluate / assess what we know, just if we are able to survive in the academic system. So put exams in place. If you are an active learner, passing exams will just be a logical consequence! The more you fear, the less you learn.

Should you fear making a mistake?
Nope! “Do not fear mistakes. There are none,” said Miles Davis (1927 – 1991), one of the greatest musicians ever! Creative people in all walks of life (e.g. scientists, artists) know that mistakes happen when you live, when you explore, while you learn. Moreover, they have experienced how often mistakes are stepping stones to discoveries!


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