{♥} 14 FEB 2013 {♥}


On Feb 13th and 14th the people who meet in class (public language education in Spain) will devote/dedicate the lesson to V-Day and work on violence against women. Unfortunately, we cannot invite other people, so there is no address for the event. But we’ll be about 100 people in all, and we also count! 🙂 Here is the event.


NOVEMBER 2012: Oh my! I’ve just found two events in Spain — one in Madrid and one in Barcelona. Are we that unconcerned? 😦 Hopefully, it may be that people haven’t typed their event yet! (like me! I won’t do it till everything is ready on our part!)

Mujer Palabra and Talking People will join rising people from cyberspace. Personally, I’m planning a special lesson for Feb 13 and 14. Would you like to organize something or take part in the organization of some event?


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  2. […] Next week we’ll be uploading the pack we’ll use in class so you can print it for our lesson (public education has no money for copies for this, either ), which is three stories from I Am an Emotional Creature. Get more info here. […]

  3. Hi!

    Great work!


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  5. […] that “invisible” violence against women. People who have the book or the script “I am an emotional creature” are welcome to bring it to class. The cut-n-paste work here comes from copies of the book. I […]

  6. […] {♥} 14 FEB 2013 {♥} […]

  7. […] Feb 13 & 14 we’ll be part of a global day of action against violence against women, organized by V-Day […]

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