2012-3 AVANZADO 2

For Michelle’s Avanzado 2 (CEFR B2 level, OUP’s New English File Advanced, actually, a C1!)

CHECK OUT “LEARN TO LEARN” (below, see Pages) to find posts on things we see in class!

Missing posts, but… I’m not sure this is useful and it takes time to put together, so in April and May I’m not updating it. I’ve created a new Category: EOI, so you can find the posts of interested for EOI people.

(I designed a Timed Scanning Exam-like activity for Intermedio 2, check out their page here)

Missing posts


Dear all, dear all, time flies, don’t stop! (last Dec week together)

Monday Dec 10, Tuesday Dec 11

Week 3 December: Plan for our last week together: please, let me know if you have proposal by Dec 10, 11.

Week 2 December: we’ll start unit 3 and answer your questions on unit 2 (if you have no questions, but would like to check your answers, post your request here and I’ll copy them.

Week 1 December: you should’ve finished unit 2. You can hand in your composition by Dec 10,11 and you can also pose questions about unit 2 on this day.

Nov 30: PLEASE, REMEMBER YOU SHOULD’VE HAD A LOOK AT THE COMPLETE UNIT 2. Check you’ve done all the exercises you think are relevant (including back pages) except the Video page and the unit test — we’ll do that together next week, along with listening to your monologues and dialogues, OK? If you don’t volunteer, then we can check more exercises, sure, but will you learn more from that than from practicing speaking/listening (Childhood Memories, Multitasking, Love & Relationships)? You can hand in your Writing 2 next week (Week 1 December) or the lesson after that weekend. I need to know which exercises you want to check in our next lesson together. I can also post answers here of the least demanding exercises, if you like, but you should let me know which (post your requests on the Page Key Avanzado 2, if you like).

MY PROPOSAL FOR DECEMBER AND UNIT 3 IS THAT I’D SELECT THE ACTIVITIES WE CAN MANAGE TO ACTUALLY DO IN THIS MONTH IN CLASS and that YOU DO THE REST OF THE UNIT ON YOUR OWN. (CONSIDER we just have 3 weeks in January for unit 4 and 3 lessons of February for unit 5 because we’ll be doing extra listenings and readings in February as part of Exam Format training.) I’M OPEN TO YOUR PROPOSALS, SO PLEASE, DON’T BE SHY.

Nov 26 – 30: first lesson: we’ll start with your oral work on Time (e.g., page 27 + voc bank). Practice Timed Dialogues on Time.
You should’ve done pages 28 and 29 (homework, on Love and Revenge!! Eek!), so in our second lesson we’ll check your questions on that and the exercises, and practice speaking about relationships (love). We’ll work on Listening and Speaking (page 30) – rest is homework we need to check this week if possible.
Remember you need to remind me of which exercises are pending correction! (any day).
This weekend you can write your Article, but BEFORE you should do pages 32 & 33, so — so that you can ask or we can check those exercises on Dec 3, 4. Consequently, the deadline to hand in your Article would be Dec 5, 6 (or well, if you need that weekend, then in the following lesson).

Nov 21 and 22: Time (pages) – Listening and speaking – do the rest and use these listenings to learn by ear by heart those queries and pieces of advice. You’ll be fluent in interesting expressions and structures.
Nov 19 and 20:

November Lesson Plans and Organizing December! NEWS: THURS. NOV 15: We’re behind again, so I’ll be rearranging the lesson plan. In any case, try to do a unit a month (except listenings we want to use in class for exam training), for as you can see, it’s not possible to work that fast in class, if we want to interact orally. Second thing I’ve learned this last month, I’ll post weekly plan, not monthly plans.

November. Weeks 1 & 2

Sorry again! In the Tuesday group people who are really busy on weekdays would rather do their Writing 1 this weekend, so I’ve changed our lesson plans. Promise it’ll be the last time!… for unit 1! (Demented laughter)

Answers I’ll post on this Blog: 2nd column on page 14, & page 15 (ask in class if you don’t understand something) and for the Tuesday group, answers for pages 12 and 13.

Monday Oct 29: We worked on pages 12, 13. Homework: 2nd column on page 14, & page 15 + Grammar Bank 1a-1c. Pending to check next Monday Nov 5.

Tuesday Oct 30 / Wednesday Oct 31: Page 16 & 17 (Writing exercises) in pairs and checking them at Plenary. Homework: your Writing 1: A letter of Application. Writing Assignments: procedure “Speaking” Homework: Use unit 1 to practice mons. and dials. that you will do in class next week, in pairs and in the Exam Area. More?: Well, do pages 12 and 13, if you can! 

Monday Nov 5 / Tuesday Nov 6: Deadline for your W1  (but I won’t reject your work if you hand it in in our second lesson) Listening & Speaking 4 (p. 14): Learning experiences +  Small groups share their answers to the exercises in the Grammar Bank 1a. After that we’ll have a Plenary, for questions, doublechecking and any language points coming up. Last,  people will practice their monologs in pairs (silent person pays attention to give some feedback), and then come to Exam Area in twos, to present their 4-minute monologs. You should all practice as many timed monologs based on the unit as you can. Homework: finish whatever you didn’t manage to do of the Grammar Banks 1b-1c.

Wednesday Nov 7 / Thursday Nov 8: Video (Family Secrets). Grammar Teams. Comment the theory as you share your answers. Ask me if you need Classroom Language to improve your communication. Plenary for Grammar questions and doublechecking, if need be! Homework: Practice listening and repeating, and then using that language in speaking activities, and do your Unit Test, if you are ready. I’ll post the answers on this blog.

October. Week 4

1st lesson for Mon and Tues groups: textbook + my explanation on “must” (+ handout)

Check out the Lesson Plans for October over here: https://projects4englishlearners.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/2012-october-lesson-plans-for-avanzado-2/ We might have to make adjustments, though. Our ambition should be doing a unit a month, but also having people in the Speaking Exam Area when Small Groups work on exercises.

2nd lesson: we worked on the two next pages on Families, first together and then in Small Groups. You should do all the exercises on those pages (inc. back pages) and practice describing out loud family relations/relationships. You should also use the different speaking exercises to practice dialogs or monologs in those topics. Hopefully, you’ll want to come to Exam Area next week! 🙂

The Alexie novel was given out, too, along with a little TP postcard, to remind you our aim this year is much Bigger than that of passing an exam! 😉

MY WEEKLY LEARNING SCHEDULE (REQUEST/REMINDER): Dear students, please remember that it is impossible for us to do a unit a month if you don’t take the initiative of working on your textbook once a week on your own, trying to do as many of the exercises as you can (except the listening exercises whose practice is good for exam formats), especially the grammar, vocabulary and reading exercises, OK? Having a weekly schedule of the time you can devote to the different learning activities helps a great deal! You should find time (in 5-, 10-minute periods) to listen to English at least 15 minutes a day, using your textbook audios and podcast episodes (including listen and repeat), a few minutes to practice a weekly monolog (based on language from your textbook) a few times in the week, a 20-minute period to watch your episode, and a whatever-time-you-manage (1 hour, two hours… a week, in one or two sittings) to work on the exercises in your textbook.

October. Week 3

Oral Drilling: https://projects4englishlearners.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/oral-drilling-in-intermedio-2/ (it’s also for Avanzado 2)
Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp

Thursday Oct 18: I presented the procedure of how to work on mons. and mentioned some Speaking Test strategies. People worked in silence for 15 minutes trying to brainstorm for ideas and for language items, and doing an outline for a 4-min talk (charla) or mon. Then people did their mons in pairs, getting feedback from their classmate. And then we had a plenary with two people doing the exercise at Plenary, so that we could work on our List of Mistakes (to Avoid) and talk about some exam strategies and language matters.

Wednesady Oct 17: most people followed the students’ strike, so we had a cozy little lesson, just practicing mons in the Exam Area! 😀

Tuesday Oc 16: deadline to hand in your Questionnaire. We worked on pages 6 and first column of page 7. Work on the rest, so you can practice 6Speaking in class next day.

Monday Oct 15: Talked about my handouts, the episodes people are watching, how to get the novel. Small groups discussed questions on page 6. Audio 1.3. Choral Reading of text with pronunciation work. Exercise d and 1.4 on page 7. Homework: finish page 7 (inc. mon. on jobs), use audios 1.1-1.4 to learn to speak.
Next Wednesday: if most people are on strike, we’ll do speaking activities in the Exam Area. If most people come, we’ll finish page 7: small groups to check exercises useful for putting together a mon. on Good Jobs and Bad Jobs for you.

(Both groups: I would like to listen to more people giving a mon. in the Exam Practice Area, and also saying sentences from their audios, textbook’s or other)

October. Week 2

We had a look at the ToC (table of contents), esp. Writings, and read out loud (pronunciation and reading aloud practice) the four stories in 1a about people who had a say in one’s life. Small Groups did the conversation activity.

In the Tues Avanzado 2 group we had one person doing a one-minute monolog(ue) on someone she loved and admired, and one person telling us about a piece of news.

You should do all the exercises on the first two pages (you will be correcting them in small groups).

The Mon Av2 group is now one lesson ahead of the Tues Av2, because Thurs Oct 11 is a holiday.  Small groups checked the exercises they had done at home, and we had language questions. Then we did the listening on the third page in the unit.

Language comments were different in each of the groups, and I can’t remember what happened in the Mon. group (you can post it below!), but I do remember what we did today Tuesday: Oral Drilling ideas for two important structures:  He is thought to be a rebel, I would like/want you to call me this evening, and I was asked to do something but I didn’t want to.

You should also get the audios, do your 15 min. listening practice and and learn a poem by ear, Wild Geese, by Mary Oliver, on the Talking People podcast. The Tuesday group can hand in their Questionnaires next week, as next Thursday is a holiday.

Monolog: Talk about someone you love and admire. Decide if for 1 min., 2, 3, or 4. Remember not to write it down at home till you have done the monolog in class (in the Oral Exam Area next to my desk). Remember to give a structure to your presentation, and try to have a good language range.

October. Week 1

If you missed the presentation of your course, or if you want a paper copy of what I said, print this: PRESENTACION_CURSO_2012_2013 (1 pdf page; it’s on the classroom’s bulletin board, too)


Handouts I gave out:

Things I posted on this blog:

About techniques and procedures… Getting along with the teacher,  How to work on your monologs at home, How to work with your audio materials

More resources (videos, audios, Sociocultural Knowlege)List of episodes at the TP Pod, Videos of students speaking English, Virginia Woolf: My country is the whole world, Sherman Alexie: The Absolutely True Diary…, Mary Oliver: Wild Geese


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