Your Listening Activities on Talking People

December 15, 2012

Hiya there!

I just finished / I’ve just finished putting together a new section in Your Stuff! at Talking People thanks to Edu’s work (Avanzado 2 Lunes). He designed a listening activity based on a TED Talk. http://www.talkingpeople.net/tp/yourstuff/youractivities/talksandother.htm Thanks, Edu! and, people, enjoy! 🙂

PS: Recordings If you have a recording pending of my feedback, and you haven’t sent me an email (with your group on the Subject line), you should be sending me one asap, for I only do this kind of work once I have the person’s email, OK? I’m trying to finish them all this weekend, but as I should also take some time off to have a rest, I might not make it! (lograrlo) Answers I don’t remember what people ask for in class, so please, if you have requests for me to post the answer to any of your textbook exercises, please, post your request here (on the correponding Page). Ta!

Have a nice weekend!

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