Getting along with your teacher

October 2, 2012

It’s OK if you are late. Don’t knock — just walk in, trying not to disrupt, OK? The Lesson Plan will be on the white-board, so you don’t have to ask a classmate what we’re doing. So look before asking. Then, of course, ask if you are lost. It’s also OK to leave before the class is over. If you are a teenager reading this, then, it’s not! 😀 😛 I mean, please, don’t skip the lessons. If you ever get bored, just let me know and we’ll see what we can do.

Politeness. I hate it when people are not civic. We can be informal, but we should always be polite, and I know you are! Except here: being loud when outside the classroom. Our species has an amazing mind, capable of understanding things that allow us, or would allow us, to live together. SILENCE in the corridors is one of those things. Get used to not speaking the Spanish-way (loud!!) in corridors, please. In this way, when people are taking their Certificate exams in June and September, they won’t be running the risk of breaking their concentration, or not being able to hear the recordings.

– I hate clips. They never stay where you put them. I really hate clips. And people eardogging their papers and then tearing a bit in the corner so they papers will stay together. They never do. So please don’t do that! Use a stapler. Or simply fold the two paper sheets!

– It’s risky to ignore a deadline. I’ve reasons to be a pacifist, if you know what I mean! If I mention a deadline, mark my words! You can hand in your work before that date but never ever after! (Unless you have a great excuse.)

If you hand in any written work, I want you to write the basic information before writing the composition or whatever it is you are handing it. TITLES or a DESCRIPTION of the TASK are civilized. And above the title or description, on the RIGHT CORNER you should write: Your full name, and below, your list no. and your group code, and below that the DATE.

You can always talk to me. Even if it is to say you’re not happy with something I do. Just be polite, and don’t use irony — I seldom get it!

– You can alway interrupt if you don’t follow, or to ask a question. I might answer it right away or ask you to wait till this or that, and remind me later.

Listen to English every day, and practice speaking at home, and when you are ready, come to my desk to do that oral exercise. If you learn the talks, the dialogs or the poems by reading instead of by ear I do notice! The music is not the same. And we need music in our lives, don’t you think?

– Don’t be a cry babe! Work, and work, and you’ll be OK in the exam. Self-destructiveness is not critical thinking. Critical thinking allows us to listen to ourselves, identify whatever is wrong, and then FIXING IT! Complaining, on the other hand, is what people who don’t actually change anything, or try to, do… Generally speaking, of course. So don’t repeat to yourself what you’ve told yourself zillions of times! Just identify the mistakes, and FIX them! Yes: work on things, focus in the task, not in your self-destructive self-evaluation!! This means, you need to have at least two Lists of Mistakes: one for orals, and one for writings. And this means, you need to learn to listen to yourself while you speak English and that you need to be a good proofreader of your work.

Don’t use a pencil and don’t use white-out. Certificate exams don’t allow that and you need to spare yourself of having some avoidable technical problem when you take it, meaning, get used to using a blue or black pen and no white-out liquid. Just cross out with a line, or with a cross, what you don’t want there, or make a clean copy — this will be a consolidating exercise!

– Spiral notebooks are not a good idea. I won’t take them home, and you shouldn’t carry that weight. Use flexible two or four-ring binders, for instance.

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