2012 BlogHerstory

In 2010 I started this blog just to post some ideas on how to become independent and resourceful lifelong learners of English for upper intermediate and advanced learners, both in the public language school where I used to work and here, on the Internet. (Check out the Page called “ReadMe.”) At that time, I was using an elearning platform (which was private) to communicate with my students. And I used to email them every weekday with comments on the lesson, reminders, lessons plans… all kinds of things!

This year (course 2012-13)  I’m in a different school, and I wanted to take a break from all the extra work of maintaining in every way an elearning platform. So–  I’m exploring how to give new uses to this blog to help my students with their every day work. Also…

Some good reasons why this time my communication with students is going to be public is because this’ll be less work than before, also because in this way everybody, regardless their course level, will be able to profit from the work I do here, and last because I’m truly grateful to the Internet community for being there, sharing their information, insight, creativity, and work! Although we’re undergoing an economic crisis created by people obsessed in gathering more money than they or their families will ever be able to spend, in these times of hardship, we’re also experiencing something beautiful is happening: ordinary people are starting to care about more than a full belly and a TV set. If by sharing our work we can inspire other teachers and learners, that’ll be awesome! Because there are many kinds of persons, and there’s more world beyond the world the most violent have created. We all do exist.

I’m convinced that our communication is one of the reasons why we are witnessing the growth of a clearly nonviolent movements towards becoming a civilized species! All over the planet!! Reaching for the moon — to become a truly intelligent species! So over here, we’re pitching in! On my part, I’ve been an activist and/or a teacher for the past 32 years and I suppose the way I work and communicate are a good example of a better world, too. In any case, this harms no one, so here we are!

On Oct 19 I started to use Tags (etiquetas) so that my Avanzado 2, and Intermedio 2 students can find the posts which may help them in some way. Still, categories are a good option to find things. I’m not sure if I should turn Categories into Tags, or the other way, or…!! So please, if you are using this blog and have any ideas about how to improve it for your use, post away here! Thanks!

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