Writing Assignments in levels B1, B2 and C1

February 6, 2013

3-ring binderIn the Students’ Pack (a pdf document here), on pages 17 and 18, you will find what kind of writings exams at the Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2) and Advanced (C1) levels examiners give.

If you are very worried about this issue, do something about it. Here are some VERY useful ideas:

  • Browse your textbooks (B1, B2, C1) and your notebooks. You can put together a Writing File with examples of each kind of writing in whichever number of words.
  • When you listen to English, or do Listen & Repeat exercises or Oral Drills, jot down under “Useful Language” the kind of wording you could also use in Writing Assignments. Here are some episodes of the TP Podcast that can illustrate what I mean.
  • When you read stuff, including surfing the Net, do the same. Every now and then copy chunks of language and sentences you can “recycle.”

The most important thing is that you AVOID making basic grammar mistakes, and that you brainstorm on language (what kind of wording can I use to request information, for example?)

In my experience (8 years at EOI’s), Spanish students do not generally fail their Writing Test, in spite of the fact that the self-assessment skills are “un churro” (thanks, Oscar!) and they always express fear and boredom.

As you know, I have notes on the kinds of writing tasks Avanzado 2 students get in the Writing section at Talking People. And you can also browse the Writings students sent in for publication, in “Your Stuff” at TP and at the EOI Getafe website – Students’ Corner – Writing Assignments.

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