What can people do to solve the crisis? (Brainstorming)

March 5, 2013

First, it’s important to find accurate analyses, local, national and also macroeconomic. People have produced a lot of riches with their work and a minority has amassed unbelievable amounts of money, and this should be exposed and those people should start giving back to the populations on the planet.

We should also share the information we find, and discuss it.

We could support the people who are offering constructive analyses and taking initiatives which reclaim democracy, initiatives like the one to solve the housing problem arising from evictions. With this I mean, we can help with our own signatures.

We could help gather signatures, too.

At a more local level, we should support going local: we should support local businesses, and local production, as consumers. Investing money in local businesses creates employment, investing one’s saving in buying a house does not.

We should pay our IVA tax (VAT tax). The taxes on what we consume are used to fund the public system!

Of course, we can demand tax policies become people-friendly instead of exploiting the ones who have the lowest salaries!!

Find out what people are doing in your area. Consider that social activists are people who devote their time and effort to build a better world. See what they are up to, in case you can learn about something or even find projects you can join.

If we find no jobs, we could try to get together with other unemployed people to see if we would be able to set up a small business, to earn a living, at least, to get by!

We should demand the government prosecute corrupt business people, bankers and politicians. In this way, there would be much more money, employment and social justice. We would be defending democracy, reclaiming democracy.

We could create ways in which people giving some money could help the most needed. Like trade unions in the past, when every worker put some money so that workers on strike, fighting for everybody’s rights, could get by.

Organize or help organize a meeting point where people in your area can exchange goods and services. Organize a jumble sale — donate things you don’t need, so that they can sold at a cheap price, and so that all the money collected in this way helps the needy. Donate what you don’t need to charities, if you can’t find or create any of this.

Charities — not NGOs, but places that have always assisted the homeless, for instance — alleviate individual suffering, and this is precious, but they do not achieve structural change. So don’t think only in terms of “giving to the poor” — we also need to change something in how our societies work, and that’s why we should get more involved in constructing democracy.

The government should create policies that made it impossible for the richest people to take their money out of the country. The world of football has corrupt people too, but the richest people are not necessarily in the public eye, especially when they are corrupt.

We should demand policies that encourage the creation of small businesses, and also policies that encourage the development and use of renewable sources of energy. Check out the environmental movement — they’ve got zillions of ideas on how to do this.

One thing is certain: go to demos, attend people’s assemblies. Join Nonviolent Direct Actions in places where people are defending what’s fair/just. This is precious for a democracy!

I have found a site collecting more ideas: http://www.advantagein.com/politics/economiccrisis.htm
We should also get information of how people are managing in Greece and Iceland!

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