In spite of people knowing this, there are numerous questions about its use!

February 18, 2013

Here is a collection of Useful Language that might help you understand how to use: in spite of, in spite of the fact that, even though, although, despite… Consider these sentences and find your own examples. Post or comment in class.

Square brackets indicate the addition of a clause (subordinada).

  • These days online dating has grown in popularity [in spite of people are still doubtful doubting whether it is a safe way to meet or flirt with others.]  (C1 level)
    • “in spite of” + –ing verb making the sentence “people (not “online dating”) doubting” a kind of noun.
  • These days online dating has become more popular [in spite of the fact that* people are still doubting whether it is safe.]
    • *the fact that allows us to include a regular subject and personal verb (tense; here the present cont.)
  • [Although people are still wondering about its safety/how safe it is,] online dating is growing in popularity.
  • Notice the change here: which idea is in the main sentence and in the clause?: [Despite growing popularity,] people are still wondering how safe it is to socialize in this way.
    • *in spite of = despite

How to remember what admits what!

  • Despite – -ing verbs (verbs operating as nouns) and nouns: Despite knowing this, Despite being late, Despite the traffic jam, Despite the consensus…
  • In spite of – same as above: In spite of knowing this, In spite of being late, In spite of the traffic jam, In spite of the consensus…
  • In spite of the fact (that) – allows us to include a regular subject with its verb in a specific tense. This is necessary when the subject in the main sentence (These days ONLINE DATING has become more popular) is different from the subject in the clause (in spite of the fact that PEOPLE are doubting…)

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