2012 14N European Strike

A big cheer for all the people who are trying to make our democracies work by reminding people in power that democracy is not just a word, but an attitude, a way of living together.

All we do has a political impact, whether we intend it or not. If you remain silent, you are actually taking sides, just like the people who do not remain silent, and wish to use the channels democracy offers to express their commitment with striving for a juster world. Social struggle deserves some respect, in any case. The good things we enjoy today come from that — they were not just given to us by kind rulers.

Let’s hope populations throughout Europe use the most legitimate democratic channel: freedom of expression, to express to people in power their refusal to sustain systems based on violence and injustice. Considering the frightening amounts of money there exist on this planet, nothing justifies people having to face hunger, homelessness, preventable diseases…

Demand empathic rationality to organize our societies!
We can be much better than we’ve shown we are so far!
War and Injustice are not inevitable.
Human rights mean something.



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