Av2 = Grammar Bank = 4A

January 25, 2013


a 1 Basically, 2 In any case, 3 Obviously, 4 I mean, 5 at least, 6 All in all, 7 By the way, 8 Otherwise, 9 In fact, 10 Talking of

Learn to use the words in bold, find examples: Sorry, I can-t join you. Otherwise, I-d gladly go. ! Call me at six then. Otherwise, I might forgetª

The commas after many of these are relevant, so notice that, OK+

b 1 on the whole, 2 anyway, ! in any case,, 3 After all,, 4 Talking of, 5 By the way, ! Incidentally,, 6 at least ! on the other hand,, 7 Actually, , 8 in other words, , 9 As far as salary is concerned, …, 10 Otherwise, , ¿I prefer to use the comma after Otherwise+, 11 On the one hand, … on the other…

=== Have a look at the Functional Translation sentences I wrote for you. They-re on the Avanzado 2 Page over here.


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