For Michelle’s Intermedio 2 (CEFR B1 level, OUP’s New English File Upper Intermediate, actually, a B2!) students.

CHECK OUT “LEARN TO LEARN” (below, see Pages) to find posts on things we see in class!

Missing posts, but… I’m not sure this is useful and it takes time to put together, so in April and May I’m not updating it. I’ve created a new Category: EOI, so you can find the posts ofinterested for EOI people.


Dear all, dear all, time flies, don’t stop! (last Dec week together)

Monday Dec 10, Tuesday Dec 11

Week 3 December: Plan for our last week together: please, let me know if you have proposal by Dec 10, 11.

Week 2 December: we’ll start unit 3 and answer your questions on unit 2 (if you have no questions, but would like to check your answers, post your request here and I’ll copy them. Finishing unit 2 Dec 10, 11

Week 1 December: video (unit 2) – you, unit test, writing for 1st lesson next week

Week 4 November: Starting point: pages 26, 27 = writing a story + listening & speaking activities. IT’S VERY IMPORTANT YOU LEARN TO NARRATE IN THE PAST, SO PAY ATTENTION TO TENSES. Use text on p. 26, Communication texts on p. 27 and the Story plan to work on your monologues. We can also check all the exercises we skipped (please, tell me in class). We’ll listen to people’s oral work. Your homework this week will be the minisagas pages in your textbook (you can do the follow-up activity of reading the mini-sagas  I posted here) and the two other pages following (we’ll probably skip this in class, so please, ask in class if you have any questions). But your priority is using the textbook audios to learn how to tell stories in the past!

Week 3 November

Updated!! Intermedio 2: Lesson Plans for November Week 2

November Weeks 1 & 2

Monday Oct 29: We did vocabulary and sentences on pages 12, 13 and 147. Your homework is to read the stories on page 13 to find Useful Language for your own, to do page 15 (listening to jokes) + Grammar Bank 1c, and if possible, to read page 15 (on stress) and underline words you don’t know how to pronounce.

Tuesday Oct 30: considering you won’t have a lesson on Thursday, I’m asking you to work on your English a bit more than usual this week, OK? We’ll have a look at the vocabulary (pronunciation and sentence structures) on pages 12, 13, 147 (not all, you should finish the rest as homework). I’ll read out the answers to the Grammar Bank 1a-1b. After the break, you’ll work on page 17 (Writing) and I’d like to check that at Plenary this day. The idea is you learn from those exercises so you can do your handwritten Writing 1 to hand in on Tuesday Nov 4. Writing Assignments: procedure At the weekend, if you get any free time, listen to the jokes on page 14 (see if you can learn them by ear!)

Wednesday Oct 31: We’ll check page 15 & I’ll read out the answers to 1a-1c of the Grammar Bank (but if you have questions, please interrupt!) and then you’ll do the exercises on page 17 (Writing) and we’ll check them at Plenary. The idea is you learn from those so you can do your handwritten Writing 1 to hand in on For Monday Nov 5, Tuesday Nov 6: Writing Assignments: procedure

October. Week 4

1st lesson: the two pages on Graphology, with back pages (some exercises where done in Small groups and a couple of them are homework for next day. Remember to listen to Víctor’s monologue with my comments (published on the TP Pod), so you can learn to listen to yourselves and fix your mistakes. Next day remember to ask at the beginning of the lesson for the answers to exercises you did, just to double check, and also remember you can pose other questions.

Mons/Dials: what does your signature say about you, according to graphology?, describing personality traits.

2nd lesson: we did the two pages on psychics, and before that, we doublechecked (!) the exercises you did the day before. For the listening activities on psychics I explained two techniques you should try to use in class and at home: underlining and visualization. I related that to exam performance. Your homework is to finish everything on those two pages (including back pages if there are any mentioned). Also, you should work with the transcript of today’s listenings: listen & read, undeline useful language, and then listen and repeat, and practice saying those sentences out loud, in monologs or dialogs!

October. Week 3

♥ PRACTICE!! Oral Drilling for Intermedio 2

Int 2 Week Intro start the lesson doing your mons. in small groups and coming to me in the Exam Area, if you like. I would also like to listen to people saying sentences from the audios. We’ll finish working with the audio exercises we didn’t finish. Homework: listen to audios 1.1- 1.3 to learn to say the Useful Language you underlined. Remember to watch your episode of a TV series at least once this week. 

Wednesday Oct 17: about half of the group joined the Students’ strike today, so we did not work with the textbook. Instead, people came to the Practice Exam Area to do a monolog. PEOPLE, REMEMBER WE NEED TO FINISH 1 UNIT EVERY MONTH! So please, do as much of the textbook at home as you can (except the “big” listening activities).

Tuesday Oct 16: worked on pages 6 and 7, and adapted the Speed Dating event to Meeting People In Class! (We did the reading twice because nobody told me we had already done it!! 😛 😀 )

Monday Oct 15: we worked on timed monologs. First, one minute, then two minutes speaking about someone people loved. We worked a bit on a List of Mistakes: 1. EXPLAIN is never followed by ME or US!! People EXPLAIN SOMETHING, not someone!! 2. Things like that / Something like that. We did some Oral Drilling with Indirect Questions: I don’t know where I left my keys; plus I don’t know where to leave my coat.
For next Wednesday: if most of the people are on strike, we’ll continue practicing 2-minute talks, and also interviews. If people come to class, unless there are questions on exercises from page 4 to page 7, we’ll start with 1b (pages 8, 9).

October. Week 2

Intermedio 2: Interviews. We read the two texts in 1a, after trying to remember things you learned/learnt last year. We did the listening on speed dating, so now you should listen to it every day and learn by ear as many sentences as you can. You also need to do the exercises we skipped, and the Vocabulary page at the back of your textbook — you will be correcting them in small groups next day.

PS: Checking exercises in small groups might not have gone down well in some, so we need to see if Int2 Mon is willing to do this or not. The Tues group has just one lesson this week.

Monolog: Talk about someone you love. Decide if for 1 min., 2, or 3. Remember not to write it down at home till you have done the monolog in class (in the Oral Exam Area next to my desk). Remember to give a structure to your presentation, and try to have a good language range.

October. Week 1

If you missed the presentation of your course, or if you want a paper copy of what I said, print this: PRESENTACION_CURSO_2012_2013 (1 pdf page; it’s on the classroom’s bulletin board, too)

Handouts I gave out:

Things I posted on this blog:

About techniques and procedures… “Getting along with the teacher”  “How to work on your monologs at home” “How to work with your audio materials

More resources (videos, audios, Sociocultural Knowlege)List of episodes at the TP Pod, Videos of students speaking English, Mary Oliver: Wild Geese


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