Av 2 – Grammar Bank 2B – Distancing (or Hedging)

January 24, 2013

Elena’s request

2B DISTANCING (also called Hedging – see my collection of Useful Language on TP)

a 1 It seems/appears that – Reminder: people be careful with “It” subjects, because often people say or write “I” instead of “It”.
2 It would appear that, 3 Mark seems/appears to have, 4 but he is said / supposed to be, 5 According to some sources, 6 His death seems to / appears to have been from natural causes, 7 There are thought to be, 8 are believed to have had, 9 that (or nothing)

b 1 It would appear / seem that people who work night shifts…
2 The prisoners may have escaped to France, 3 The PM is expected to make a statement this afternoon, 4 It has been announced (by the company) that the new drug will go on sale shortly, 5 Improvements in diet and lifestyle are said / believed to be responsible for the rise in life expentancy, 6 According to the manual, 7 The government may / might be / appears to be intending…, 8 It has been suggested (that) the painting is a fake, 9 There seem / appear to be more cyclists…

For you to mull this over and read out too…

It seems there is going to be a transport strike next week.
There might/may/could be a transport strike next week.
There’ll (probably be) a transport strike next week.
Apparently, there’re’ll be a transport strike next week.
People say there’s going to be…
I’ve heard /aiv herd/ there is going to be a transport strike…
Did you hear /did iú hier/ there’s gonna be a…? (when it was said, in US American English; in British English, if the person is in a different type chunk, e.g., not the morning anymore)
Have you heard /hav iú herd/ there’s gonna be…? (present perfect: today, still on)


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