Dear Intermedios! (A Writing Sample and a useful idea!)

February 8, 2013

springE-mailing your teacher with a proposal: Here is a 2-page document with what I would do if I were/was asked to write what you had to write! I tried to stick to grammar points learned at the B1 level, but some of you have a richer range that this. Anyway, this letter I wrote would be enough to pass!

writingsampleintermedio2 (2 pages)

Congratulations for those of you who did well! And for those of you who are disappointed or need to work a bit more, cheer up, come on, don’t waste time fretting! It’s February — you’ve still got plenty of time!!


  1. Dear Michelle; Thanks a lot, I’m going to practice more my composition.

    • Hiya! Thanks! I’m glad it’s useful! You didn’t do bad. You didn’t make the horrible mistake of treating teachers like totally incompetent people! 😀 Jesus, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I’ve read them all, but I’m not going to check them right away. I need a break! Big hug!

  2. […] don’t get upset), instead of We could do this or that so as to (in order to)… (Please, read my example and mull over your exercise.) Getting your message through – while respecting others and ourselves – is about making it […]

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