The World of AS & LIKE (3)

March 3, 2013

Common wording with AS

  • as + prep phrases: as in movies, as on Mondays
  • (examples) such as / like westerns
  • as well as (and this too / and also this)
  • the same AS
  • as you know
  • as I said before (informal: like I said before, right?)
  • as needed / required (often, formal, semiformal)
  • as agreed / as we agreed (idem)
  • as suggested / as you suggested (idem)
  • As a matter of fact, / In fact, / Actually,
  • As far as I’m concerned / As for me (informal),
  • As for (+ topic) / About (topic) / (Semi/formal:) With regard to (topic) / In regard to (topic) 
  • As long as I live! As long as you (still) like it!
  • As soon as we get there! As soon as we finish!

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