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If you want ideas to give yourself a present or to get one for other people, I’ll post here some ideas, and you can post yours too below, in the comment box!

  • Interesting: stories selected by Angela Carter
  • In solidarity with Ethiopian people (Abay, Getafe)
  • Babies – an absolutely amazing documentary where we learn about the lives of four babies in very different places of this planet are presented. Men, women, girls, boys, people, earthlings, watch it! You’ll love it!
  • Get yourself Season 1 of some TV series, so you can develop the habit of watching a season a year! And change of series every 1 or 2 years.
  • Teaching and Learning through Multiple Intelligences, by Campbell & Dickinson (Pearson, 2004): 334 p., about 30€. A book primary teachers will be very interested in — although any of us can make good use of! I’ve used it myself for designing approaches and activities for your lessons.
  • Because I am a GIRL: their proposal for gifts
  • Amnesty International’s Shop in Spain
  • Fairtrade International  – In Spain

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