Av2 = Grammar Bank = 3C

January 25, 2013


a 1 realized, 2 [would rather we] lived, 3 I wish you were able to stay longer, 4 didn-t discuss, 5 stopped, 6 had saved, 7 paid, 8 knew, 9 had gone ¿or? been to

¿The keyboard at our school must be set  differently ¿today?, and I don-t know how to fix itªª Grrr…

b 1 I-d rather you didn-t smoke in here, 2 I wish I could afford to…, 3 If only we hadn-t painted the room blueª, 4 it-s ¿high? time you looked for a job ! you started to look !or! looking for a job, 5 If only he were less tight=fisted…, 6 Would you rather we came…+, I wish we had bought…

=== Have a look at the Functional Translation sentences I wrote for you. They-re on the Avanzado 2 Page over here.

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