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Cars & wars (& who’s the idiot?) (or the criminal, really)

June 28, 2013

warsforoilI’m watching The Colbert Report, episode 103, Season 3 (wonder about the date), and I hear North Carolina is planning to tax?? electric car users because people using ordinary cars (whose petrol costs us all Wars, pollutions, traffic deaths and worse) pay more for petrol??????

Oh, yes! People getting electric cars are a threat to the species! Trying to save money and save the planet!!! How asocial!!!! They should be jailed! Tortured! Burned at the stake!

In Spain, a Minister (Industry, whatever) said “Don’t worry, the car industry will recover, we’re helping”. Like you help banks and The Market instead of the people who create wealth on the planet — and I’m not thinking of the rich, those just INVEST and take far more than their share, I mean, rob and exploit. I’m thinking of the people who do the work.

Shame on you! Why should they help the car industry? Wow! We feel much better now! We KNOW about the amazing benefits OIL/PETROL brings for people and peace and the preservation of the environment… ¡! We know we can’t create Jobs anywhere else, can we?!

They’re also spreading the word that sustainable sources of energy are not working, meaning of course, not profitable — the only world they can imagine (profit)! Of course, if you do not create policies supporting sustainable development and keep sustaining instead things that destroy us… Why don’t you make it cheaper for people to get electric cars? Those are also cars and they also create jobs. Perhaps because you wouldn’t be able to promise high speed, the Macho On the Road dream so many of us are absolutely uninterested in.

These people, the soldiers of the rich in democracy, now they don’t even pretend. They are convinced we’re idiots!!!


Shipping and Transport, an Intermedio 2 interactive presentation!

June 6, 2013

Thanks, Roberto, and thanks to the students in his group, for taking part!

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