Ulali – healing – loss – water

December 6, 2012

Song Title: Wah Jhi Le Yihm. Album: Smoke Signals Sountrack by BC Smith and Forgive Our Fathers Suite by Ulali – another performance

Ulali (posts from YouTube link below): This song is in the Tutelo language… I had it translated by one of our speakers from home in NC. It’s an old pigeon dialect of our Old Siouan, Iroquois and coastal Algonquin people’s languages together.  All 3 of our big nations have lived together for thousands of years here in what is now the present Virginia and Carolina’s. This is a place that many nations migrated out of and went on traveling north, west and some more south and all over. An old hub!! Also this is a song for healing and giving back to the water and letting the water wash and clean and the spirit rise those are some of the words in the song. Wahjheeleh Yihm… means I carry you with me… So…it means let the water carry you… It’s an ancestral song for the dead and the water as the sacred source…where some of us put in the ashes as a return to be free spirit!! I wrote this song with the help of my cousin Jennifer and Soni. We are Ulali…

One comment

  1. What is the English translation other than “I carry you with me”?

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