Unit 3 pp 44-46 Intermedio 2 requested by Irene

January 30, 2013

  • Unit 3. Pag 44-45_Reading:
    c: 1b, 2b, 3a, 4a, 5b.
    d: 1 However, / 2 According to / 3 although / 4 in fact / 5 whereas (Felipe, notice this one) / 6 Since (also As) / 7 instead
  • Pag.46_4.Grammar:
    1 If I like, 2 won’t go, 3 until it gets, 4 won’t have to, 5 I have, 6 when I hear — HERE people make the mistake of adding a “will”, but that’s all wrong, so jot it down in your LoM (list of mistakes!). Another example: When I HEAR from him, I’ll let you know. (Not: When I’ll hear…).
    b: 1F, 2J, 3I, 4B, 5G, 6C, 7A, 8D, 9E, 10H.
    c: 1=2, 2= In the main sentence, we can use any future form or the imperative. In a time clause, any present (present simple, present continuous, present perfect). 3= “it is possible that this’ll happen”.
    e: 1. Don’t let the children play near a swimming pool unless THEY ARE WEARING THEIR FLOATS / THERE IS AN ADULT or a lifeguard AROUND. 2. Never leave a dog locked up in a car if IT‘S A HOT DAY. 3. Keep a first aid kit in your house in case SOMEBODY HAS AN ACCIDENT / SOMEBODY GETS HURT. 4. You shouldn’t leave children alone in the house until THEY’RE OLD ENOUGH. 5. Always unplug electrical appliances (e.g. hairdryers) as soon as YOU‘VE FINISHED USING THEM. 6. Always keep medicines in a safe place in case [in case?! I can’t think of an example! I’d say: “WHERE CHILDREN CANNOT REACH THEM/AWAY FROM CHILDREN/OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN”]. 7. Don’t allow strangers into your house unless  [unless?! nothing!] THERE ARE MORE ADULTS IN YOUR HOUSE. 8. If you are frying something and the oil catches fire PUT ON AN OVEN MITT OR PROTECT YOUR HAND AND ARM AND TURN OFF THE FIRE.

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