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Women and pleasure

June 29, 2013

Patriarchal societies have been brutal to women – in all kinds of things, from denying them a human intelligence to denying them their own sexuality. First of all, they have taught men there is a connection between their own sexual pleasure and physical torture to women (rape). Then they have forbidden women to develop their own sexuality.

Fortunately, we’re changing this obscure and brutal world. Pleasure is not a sin, it is healthy and pleasurable! You can do it for yourself or share it with others.

Our societies are always showing patriarchally sexualized women everywhere, but then they say talking about sex is a taboo, something we should not do. It’s hypocritical but also damaging our intelligence, and the quality of our everyday lives. What is dirty and violent is using women as patriarchy does. Sex and pleasure are good for us. And when they are connected to love, people can even feel better.

We need to educate people to learn to relate sexually to themselves and to others. And here is a very informative documentary:

G Spotting: A Story of Pleasure and Promise (you can watch it in French, O.V.)

Segolene Hanotaux, Gilles Boyon, Canada / France, 2011, color, HDcam, 52′

A documentary everybody should watch, on women’s sexuality: eyaculation/squirting, g-spot, orgasms without physical stimulation, sex and love…
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