Notas parciales de Avanzado 2

June 18, 2013

Dear all,

I managed to type in your marks this evening, in case you have access to the School’s website. At our School, I’ll publish them, as announced, tomorrow afternoon on the 1.3 announcement board. Don’t take pictures of them. It’s illegal. We need to protect people’s personal information, and exam marks are very personal!

Most people have passed the three parts of the Written Test, as is usual in Avanzado 2. Congratulations! I hope you keep listening to English every day, anyway!! For the case of people who have failed any of the parts, please, come to Revisión. The info about this has been on the board sin the end of May and still is!! 🙂 You’ll be able to have a look at your exam paper, and see if you want to file a complaint or not. (Read post underneath this one.)

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