So here’s a story about love

June 16, 2013

Love is much more than what the ideological trash on TV shows.

Passion is never destructive, for instance. It’s a life force. We need passion to lead meaningful lives. And passion is not wild sex ending in tragedy. It’s what moves you. What gets you to do things in life, and share.

Love is about love, not war. So it’s never about violence. Violence comes because of patriarcal values and social structures. Patriarchy has a war against love. Why should loving end in tragedy, it’s an easy question to answer. It shouldn’t.

The only “tragedy” is death, or when love is not reciprocated. Love is about respect, about your curiosity or tenderness being totally interested, aware, involved. Love is about cooperation, enjoyment, developing one’s intelligence. Love is Rational empathy + passion. A unique way of knowing someone.

So when you watch a love story, try to track the real love in it — we’re so confused because of the ideological bombing. Clean it from all the patriarchal dogmas distorting it. Find the love. Focus in finding the love. And trust this: love is never compulsory. It’s never obligatory. And it can take all kinds of shapes and forms and contents. But it’s always about love, not about suffering, or sacrifice, or torturing, or hurting. It’s about loving.

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