Grammar Bank, 2c key (Intermedio 2)

December 7, 2012

2C, p. 135


1 S + V + O (the theatre) + other (very much) – see one of my LoM, this is a typical mistake
2 correct
3 immediately (at the end)
4 F.A. (frequency adverb: they always go before the main verb, except when it is “be”)
5 correct
6 manner, so it goes after “the match”
7 I almost forgot (learn to say this one!)
8 Luckily, …
9 correct
10 Apparently, …


1 (manner goes at the end, but this one’s a passive) The building was BADLY damaged in the fire LAST WEEK (time)
2 Obviously, we need to do sthing quickly
3 Ben is often at this friend’s house in the evening
4 She just walked out and she didn’t even say goodbye
5 He always drives extremely fast
6 She danced beautifully at the ballet last night, or Last night …
7 Luckily, she wasn’t seriously injured when she fell
8 Apparently, he nearly broke his leg
9 My dad usually sleeps a bit in the afternoon.


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