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Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, Stevie Wonder

May 31, 2013

(Don’t worry about anything / Worry about nothing!)


The sequester’s defense cuts aren’t that scary

March 9, 2013

Why use “sequester” instead of “cuts”? You’re welcome to post! Thanks!



Mi’kmac Indian version of Cinderella!

January 17, 2013

mi'kmac cinderellaAs you probably know, Perrault took stories from different oral traditions and wrote his version. That’s OK, of course. Free culture is a fundamental human right! (The sad part is why his got widely circulated and why the gypsie’s oral story didn’t). I have found in Angela Carter’s book of Fairy Tales what must have been the original oral version of Cinderella, by English gypsies, and yet again, this happens: it seems Perrault’s stories (like the grim Grimm Brother’s!!) were widely spread because the women in those stories were portrayed as what patriarchal ideology defines as feminine. (Get a copy of Carter’s collection, and you’ll find all kinds of women there, not only silly weak victim-like unimaginative unintelligent women.) Well, while developing a linguistic-literary project some years ago I found this version of Perrault’s Cinderella, by Mi’kmac Indians in America (the continent). What do you think of it? 🙂 If you are interested in translating it into Spanish, you could get it published on Mujer Palabra for sure! And you can count on me for feedback or corrections. 🙂


Toni Morrison – thinker, artist and activist

January 3, 2013

😉 😀 😀

Yesterday I was really lucky. I found an interview to Toni Morrison on TV! I’ve been googling to find it, and just got to this: a little video on a much longer interview and then an article. I’d like to say that I consider Toni Morrison one of the most intelligent earthlings I’ve ever listened to. Just in case you were going to skip this post and I’ve managed to make you curious about it! 😀

This one’s a must, people! Thanks to Google I’ve found a wonderful video to watch: Angela Davis and Toni Morrison, having a truly good time together (unlike in the interview above).

Once, I lent Miguel, an Advanced student I met in the first state-run language school I worked in, “Playing in the Dark”, a very think/brief essay, full of interesting ideas. It was hard for Miguel, but he managed to work on some of it. On the little webita on Toni Morrison at Talking People, you’ll find that link too:

And this is a link to Toni Morrison on Mujer Palabra. In Spanish, so sorry about that. I started a little series called “Recensiones raras feministas” (Odd & Feminist Book Reviews).


Black or White, by Michael Jackson

December 15, 2012


Man in the Mirror, by Michael Jackson

December 15, 2012


Would you send a postcard to a prisoner for peace?

December 12, 2012

Dear students and other net surfer visiting this tiny blog,

210px-Bradley_Manning_US_ArmyWar Resisters’ International, an international pacifist network based in London, publishes a list of people imprisoned for CO/Total resistance (conscientious objection to military and civil services), Nonviolent Direct Action, making public information about war crimes, and other kind of actions related to fighting for a less violent and juster world. This is called the Prisoners for Peace campaign and it is about sending postcard/letters to people in prison.

This year there is someone who has done a lot in defense of human rights and democracy and has been imprisoned for it, and I wonder if you would send him a postcard so he knows it’s a great deal of people in the world who support him. His name is Bradley Manning. He is a soldier, and since 2010 he is in pre-trial detention in the USA. His crime, allegedly having leaked military video and documents showing evidence of US war crimes.

Bradley Manning (Nov 2011 warresisters)
830 Sabalu Road
Fort Leavenworth
KS 66027

Mailing Address (March 2012,

The new mailing address for PFC Manning is the following:

Commander, HHC USAG
Attn: PFC Manning
239 Sheridan Ave, Bldg 417
JBM-HH, VA 22211

If you want to get some guidelines on how to write your postcard, and/or you wish to send postcards to more prisoners, you’ll find their info here:



Obama wins (Phew!) – edited (fixing typos and rewording some bits)

November 8, 2012

Fortunately, Obama has won the elections. Women had a clear idea of why he was the best option. Young men and women (mostly Hispanic), too. And there you have it — this is one of the reasons why he’s now won. Not that I am much into party politics, but I’m clearly relieved by this piece of news, because the other option was terrifyingly frightening. This is also why I vote, in spite of my anarchist ideals. I’m as pragmatic as Spanish anarchists were when they supported La República asking their people to vote for it. They didn’t form a political party for obvious reasons, but they accepted sending reps to the Republicano Parliament. After all, anarchism’s proposal is direct democracy (assemblies) and in my view direct democracy has much more to do with representative democracy than right-wing policies. Ideals should always be pursued, they should be our guiding star, but we should never forget where we are, what is happening, we should never lose touch with what occurs around us. (This is something we can also learn from what happened then.) Reality keeps testing our problem-solving skills and it’s never easy to deal with, less so if you care about everybody’s human rights being respected.

Obama, congratulations for getting people’s support. I’m really moved by the fact that women have voted you massively, exerting a right — and why should we ever renounce rights? (If I cannot exert the rights so many people fought for, that’s not my revolution! – to paraphrase Emma Goldman! 🙂

Obama, I know how very scary previous USA Administrations have been to their own population and abroad, and you’re certainly the safest option.
Actually, I think you’re the bravest president the USA has ever had. I do believe you care about justice, and wish with all my might that you keep working hard at justice-related issues, not forgetting women, in a country which is a Western Democracy but allows forcing them to unwanted pregnancies and unwanted mothering (that’s not protecting life, precisely), a country that also allows people to suffer and even die of preventable diseases because there is no public healthcare system (why don’t you take a bit of the galactic military budget the USA has and use it to allow everybody to have access to healthcare!), a country that is the only Democracy that has not abolished the death penalty, and a country that has frightening foreign policies designed to secure material gains knowing this is based on abusing other people’s human rights. And well, the strangest of all, a country that does not separate politics from religion. To my knowledge, no other Western Democracy blesses people in political speeches or has “God” in paper money. Freedom of religion should not mean imposing religion. Spiritual matters are private matters, that believers should simply share in their private world, and not impose to all via the State.

Sweet dreams of a better world for all of us!

PS: When Obama won the elections for the first time, in my Avanzado 2 groups we worked a bit on this issue. Here’s that. That year, the Reading Proposal included Obama’s autobio. I just read the first 100 pages or so, on his childhood and before he got into politics. I still recommend the book, of course. You can read 4 typed pages I copied here.

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