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Lesson Plans for Intermedio 2 – Nov Week 3

November 12, 2012

Today in Intermedio 2 Mondays (Int 2 will get here next Thursday, I think) we worked on 2a — pages 20, 21, and Gr Bank 2a. First I gave out people’s school ID card, so you can use it to borrow a B1 (Intermediate) level book with an audio CD and start this little project so you can learn to read out loud and speak. Then I explained the pronunciation of the -ed ending (the shortcut version, and then the Pro version!). We also finished the listenings on page 20 (2.2) — btw, did you do the exercise of imitating those accents?! Next, we did L&R (listen & repeat) with useful language + noticing textual structure for a monolog on Stereotypes that you should all practice and home and do in class some day (pleeeeease!), or that you can record and send me. (If you have a microphone, you can download Audacity, record it, and then “export it” as an mp3. If you have a digital recording machine, it’s even easier, right?/isn’t it?) Then I presented the Reading Comprehension technique called Skimming and Scanning, while relating it to Reading Tests: I asked people to create a section in their notebooks to keep track of the time it takes them to do a Skimming of a whichever-number-of-words text, and then Scanning 1 and then Scanning 2. You got a copy of this a couple of weeks ago. Just do it, and one day you’ll see more clearly why! 🙂 And people read out loud the text on page 21 and we tackled the questions in the previous page, and the questions on p. 21 and the Grammar Bank.

We didn’t have time to do the Speaking activity on page 21, so please, practice speaking about that at home, on your own, or better still, meet your classmates somewhere and practice!

People’s homework for next Monday is doing pages 22, 23, and listening to audio 2.1 to learn to speak, and practicing a monolog on stereotypes. I’ll bring your checked Writings and we could listen to a few of them, pleeeeease!
Extra homework: If you have more time, listen to a podcast episode at the Talking People podcast. Here are some suggestions:


Practice your final “s” and dentals!

November 1, 2012

Today in Intermedio 2 we practiced the -(e)s endings /iz/ and the -(e)d endings /t/, /d/, /id/

Here are two links I recommended, in case any of you all want to do some reading aloud! You can listen and repeat, or listen to the whole story while jotting down sounds over the written words and then read.

This other episode includes modal-awareness

Oh, a third!!:

Today I recommend that if it’s hard for you to pronounce a final D (especially after V and N), you can say a T. It’s OK. Well, for those of you who wish, like Elena, to know when it’s a D and when a T, here is an explanation I can give in class, if you like.


Short Stories

June 25, 2010

The Short Story Project includes…


…and watching videos or listening to podcasts by or about the authors, or with the stories.

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