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Booking a date for the Dec OP’s

November 18, 2012

To Michelle’s students – Dear all,

You should start thinking about what you want to share with us in class, in terms of the language you picked up while watching TV series (the listening exercise, not a reading exercise!) and your thoughts, useful language learned/learnt, fav passages, a book review to read out or research on the Sherman Alexie novel. You should also consider talking to other people in class, in case you want to do some teamwork on any of these two projects. I’m very open to the kinds of things you can do — the most important thing is that you learn English and about English-speakers or their cultures, on your own or in the good company of other people in class!

If you want to do some work on your own, think of 5 minutes, though we can negociate for more time. Teamwork could get 15-20 minutes depending on needs. You can post your ideas here, if you like.

Here are some examples of activities by Avanzado 2 students:

Considering working on the textbook takes so much time, you can also record your Useful language and/or send me your selected sentences so we can put together a podcast episode. In previous courses, people sent me their selected language and I created a new segment on the Talking People Podcast called “Everyday Language” (Incidentally, “every day” as an adverbial (time phrase, complemento circunstancial de tiempo) is in two words; and “everyday” in one word operates like adjectives (it’s a modifier that goes before the modified word). We got to episode 4.

I need to know who needs how much time when because 1) I need to plan the lessons allowing time for that, 2) because if nobody is going to do anything then I’ll try to book ONE only lesson where you can just put up your hands and share your weeny bits! 😛 If nobody says anything in class or by email, I’ll understand we should just stick to the textbook, OK?

Have a lovely week!

PS: Browse below! There are some amazing audios / audiovisuals!


December Oral Presentations (OPs) for Avanzado 2

October 19, 2012

Materials: the Sherman Alexie novel and your TV series episodes.

Mission for the novel (delivery of books scheduled for November 1): I recommend you read it a couple of times — the first with your heart (emotional reading), this is, without stopping to look up words in the dictionary, and the second focusing on language, this is 1) looking up the most important words, 2) underlining Useful Language (for your own personal use), 3) selecting passages you love, and/or passages that are good material as Useful Language. In December, you will share your “Useful Language” and your passages in small groups and/or at Plenary. Here are two links to work by Avanzado 2 students on this novel:

Mission based on the episodes of a TV series you picked: find people in class who have chosen the same TV series. Ask me for 20 minutes of time in class to get together with them in November and see if you can form a team to prepare an OP based on that TV series. You can do whatever you like, the “minimum” being that you share some Useful Language you were able to understand (without doing any reading!!). Here is an example, at the Talking People Podcast: Everyday Language 1, (there are up to 4). Over here, on this blog, there are ideas about how to work with TV series (first paragraph on this page: At the Students’ Corner of EOI Getafe you will find examples of OPs by students, too. Here’s the link: Some are videos and some are texts they prepared. Actually, a group of students who liked theater decided to give their OP the format of acting out three scenes in one of the episodes of Big Bang! You must watch it! It’s fun.


Online Shopping – News on the Alexie novel

October 17, 2012

Dear Avanzado 2 students: today the Tuesday group passed a piece of paper around so that people who wanted to order this novel could be counted. There are about 20 on the list. And I suppose there must be people in the Monday group who would also be interested in getting a copy of it. The idea is I order it and I ask for the box to be sent to our EOI.
As it turns out, the book is on offer now. It costs about €5.00 (possibly a bit less) and… the machine says I’m eligible for free delivery which means you would not have to split the shipping cost!
SO — I’m going to risk it and order 40 copies of the book tomorrow evening. The estimate date of arrival if I ordered today would be next Saturday, so I’ll wait till tomorrow. Books generally take from 3 to 7 days to get to us. Still, it seems there are pdf copies on the Net, which might be an option for people who can’t afford it. Ask people in class.

Here’s some info I posted last week:


For the Alexie novel + news: online shopping

October 10, 2012

Amazon Spain has the novel, people! You could count how many people want it, and then order it, giving the school’s address as delivery address! I think this option is cheaper. And you could all split the shipping cost, and the taxes.

Amazon UK has it too:

For Avanzados 2 (The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian), at Mamen’s request

Here is the barcode number, so that everybody gets the same book.

ISBN 978-1-84270-844-6
9  781842 708446
And this is what the book looks like:

(Below, there is a post with a link to a video where Alexie himself reads a passage)
Hey, I almost forgot! The wonderful cartoons were drawn by Ellen Forney!


For Avanzado 2 – Reading 1

October 1, 2012

October-November 2012

The Absolutely True Dairy of a Part-time Indian (2006) by Sherman Alexie


Listen to the author reading one of his favo(u)rite scenes!

Read the book a couple of times, to pick a few scenes you would like to share in class (reading aloud). Underline useful language (sentences you might want to use), too, which you will also share in class in December.

Before the winter holidays we will watch the movie “Smoke Signals” – screenplay by Sherman Alexie! You can buy the screenplay, if you like. It’s as cheap as the novel. The first Native American movie by Native American people!

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