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Shame on the “authorities”! 0_0

May 9, 2013

The ethically unauthorized “authorities” lie in terms of how many people have followed the strike. But there’s a turn of the screw: because of what they’re doing thousands of teachers have been left out of work because of all the changes they’ve introduced in public schools from primary to university, so of course, the “authorities” won’t be counting them — they were at the demos too!

“Los sindicatos han calificado de éxito el paro y la Plataforma Estatal por la Escuela Pública ha cifrado el seguimiento medio entre docentes y personal administrativo en un 72%. El Sindicato de Estudiantes asegura que el seguimiento ha sido de un 90%. Por el contrario, el Ministerio de Educación ha informado de que menos de un 20% ha secundado la huelga.”

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LATEST NEWS!!!! The Government says they’ll postpone taking the law to Parliament for approval. HOW CAN THAT BE IF ONLY A 20% OF THE PEOPLE FOLLOWED THE STRIKE? Let’s keep our efforts up!! People’s solidarity and pressure are achieving quite a few things of late!

For the connection between crises and privatization, see The Shock Doctrine



May 9, 2013



9 de Mayo: Huelga General de estudiantes, profes, madres y padres contra la LOMCE y los recortes (y todo el cúmulo de cosas pendientes, precarias, que razones, ¡nos sobran!)


Marea Verde Madrid

Texto del Sindicato de Estudiantes, que sirve a todo el mundo:
9mayo“La Comunidad Educativa (profesoras y profesores, padres y madres, estudiantes, personal de servicios y administración, Movimientos de Renovación Pedagógica) de todo el Estado, desde la Educación Infantil hasta la Universidad, estamos en HUELGA GENERAL el día 9 de mayo, y te llamamos a apoyarla, como ciudadan@ y vecin@.

Nos manifestaremos por la tarde, a las 18,30h desde Neptuno al MEC, en Madrid, para decir a este gobierno que no le va a ser fácil sacar este engendro de ley adelante.”

No nos mires, ¡únete!, que los derechos conseguidos por la lucha social, si no se defienden, ¡nos los quitan!


About May 9 – for Avanzado 2

April 30, 2013

Last week I found out in class that trade unions are calling for a strike on May 9. For the past 15 years I’ve supported them all, but the other day in class, because we had scheduled taking a C1 Practice Test on that day and it’s my last strike in Madrid, I thought I might just forget about it.

But I can’t. It’s my last chance to formally protest, and I should stick to that! I wish I could take it differently. I did try. But I can’t.


Tomorrow I’ll tell the people coming to class. The good news: I’ve found a way for Avanzado 2 Martes students to take the test on that day anyway! Can you guess?!


80% of students on strike today! Defending public/state-run education – primary, secondary, university, adult language schools

October 18, 2012

Educational strike in Spain brings hundreds of thousands to the streets – news in a video

Photos: Students Strike Against Education Cuts in Spain

Thousands of angry students take to the streets across Spain (video, today, Madrid)

Students hold banners and shout slogans during a protest on the second day of a three-day nationwide student strike against education cuts, in Madrid October 17, 2012. REUTERS/Andrea Comas

Teachers’ and students’ strikes against education cuts

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