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The Story of Stuff

March 19, 2013

This is a must watch for Avanzado 2 students. 20 minutes. It’ll help you with Useful Language and ideas to tackle a diversity of topics, from Consumerism to Climate change!

I downloaded it and have it in a DVD, and my plan is for us to watch it in class any day soon! But it’d be a blast if some students who watched it decided to present it in class, and prepared a kind of listening activity or discussion activity for After Watching! Just let me know.

You can also use the materials other students created for their OP on Story of Stuff! Have a look here!


The Story of Stuff

June 13, 2010

The Story of Stuff Project involves…

  • watching this 20-minute documentary (free download at site – below, from youtube)
  • with some of the resources you will find on the site, preparing activities for the classroom (including a classroom discussion)
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