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Rolemodels – people who did quite well (it seems) loving each other!

January 25, 2013


One of the most important steps we humans gave in the 20th century was finally understand that freedom is necessary if we want to learn to love. Historically, marriage has never been about love. And in a way, in the 20th century it started being about love. But there was more: we could also love truly without being married, because love is about emotion and respectful relationships, loving relationships, and not about anything else. From this point of view it’s much easier to understand that if love ends because both people stop being in love, it’s as sad as if you lose a friend. It’s sad, but this doesn’t mean that the past was false, or that the future needs to be all about suffering. There are a lot of lovely people on Earth! Most importantly, life is not about falling in love with some One. Life is full of people and your Self is full too, of potential, and we can do all kinds of things in life. In love-sex relationships, it seems to be good to specialize, if we like (as good as if we don’t because we don’t want to!), because we still have a lot to learn about relating to ourselves and to others in loving ways. Step by step! 😀 But, I mean, love is about love. And life is about living. And we can share emotions, adventures, conversations, etc. without “being in love.” We should widen up the scope, really! 😀 Because some people spend their whole life wanting to have a partner, forgetting about love. We’re trained to ignore love. But this has been a great beginning, the 20th century!

People whose sense of freedom has not been crushed by Industry, in spite of the dramatic fact that their work, artistic work, opened a new road money-makers would populate! Robert Plant and Maureen, his partner… together from 1968 to 1983


bacallbogartbacallbogart3Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart… together from 1945 to 1957 (when he died)


Jodie Foster Cydney Bernard… together from 1993 to 2008 or 2013? (As you can see, it’s harder to find more private photos of homosexual relationships, because they still have to be really careful, to protect their love, and their lives.)

Who knows about more people who loved other people nicely? (I mean, famous people!)


Led Zeppelin

January 25, 2013

Brussels, 1975 (Interview with Robert Plant)

1969 – “Communication Breakdown” & other songs including a ballad… sort of… 😀 (rock – groundbreaking)

First, the ballad, “Babe, I’m gonna leave you”, because in the video below it’s cut (here in 2008, for Amnesty International – Jimmy Page and Robert Plant)

I’d say that after listening these people, some other music we’ve had since the 1990s appears as a crime against humanity… (just made to make money, with commercial formulas, nothing to communicate, no emotion behind…) The industry of art is revolting… We should have separate words: say, “indusformies,” for the “masters/mistresses” of commercial formulas (yes, they should have a place in the world), and then “music” for artists.

They start with “Communication Breakdown”…

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