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A poem to keep you good company!

April 11, 2013

For María (a colleague of mine), who is sad these days, and for people who might be feeling low, sad, confused, overwhelmed, displaced… so you can breathe in deep, relocate yourself in space, find a sense of belonging and some peace and quiet and beauty!


Learning a poem (by ear), with its music, is like learning how to sing a lullaby to yourself, which is comforting, soothing and liberating! Visualize the words: it’s like being there, in nature! And nature is a source of strength for us animals on the planet!!

Wild Geese, by Mary Oliver (written and audio texts)

Some people were inspired to create this…




More poems by Mary Oliver at Talking People


The Poem – For my Intermedio 2 and Avanzado 2 students

October 9, 2012

And here’s the poem you could try to learn by ear. I hope you enjoy it!

Wild Geese, by Mary Oliver

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