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In Madrid…

April 3, 2013

In Madrid, the PP (Spanish right-wing political party) government has attacked the public healthcare system and workers’ rights, for instance, by making pensioners pay for their meds, and discounting money from the salary of workers who are on a sick leave!! It’s all about the cuts. However, how can this be explained?! the Treasure/Department of Treasure — the tax department, so to say — will allow “discounts” if you have gambling debts!!! — which means, that it’s more important to protect people losing money in gambling than to protect people’s health and people’s labor rights.

What does this have to do with a democracy? The people who have amassed fortunes their families would never in a million years be able to spend are consistently protected by our political leaders, in spite of the fact that they are destroying people, culture, civilization and the planet. It’s like back to Medieval Ages!

How is this going to solve the crisis? Madrid will be EuroVegas, a place, as we know, that won’t be about offering jobs respecting human rights and labor rights, but about creating that kind of underworld which has also attracked all kinds of crimes and exploitation of human beings. This is their idea of measures to overcome the crisis. I feel sick, with such lack of ethics and commitment to human beings.

Let people be evicted from their homes, go without healthcare, let public education become a place where teachers are objects voicing a same textbook at the same time (good for publishing houses, again, bad for connecting education to life outside because it’s impossible to develop projects!), and protect the decent abusers. Shame on them!

This is the new war — no weapons, no battlefields, but all about sheer violence.


Defend the Healthcare system

November 29, 2012

Healthcare in Spain is (was!) a universal right, but the new law (Real Decreto-Ley 16/2012) does not consider healthcare a universal right. So here we are, political leaders are dismantling not only the education system, but also the healthcare system.

On this site if you are a doctor, a nurse, a paramedic you can download texts about becoming a CO (conscientious objector) to this new and antisocial system. There are also civil disobedience handbooks. There are examples of different kinds of letters you can send your friends, the authorities, NGOs… you name it!

Spread the word! (Pásalo) We need to defend universal education and universal healthcare!

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