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A video on World Book Day (Av 2&co)

May 17, 2013

Our second 5-minute video on the School’s YouTube channel!

I learned so much!!! I’ve learned to edit videos with iMovie!!!

If anyone wants any changes, I can download it and fix things, so just let me know.


Interesting: stories selected by Angela Carter

December 20, 2012

angelcartersbookoffairytalesI bought two copies of this book, because I couldn’t believe its price. Such a good book, such a good present to give someone. So I’ve got one to give as a present!

Such an interesting writer, such an interesting person, and so little known. I haven’t read any of her works yet. I just discovered her while looking for Fairy Tales that did not condemn girls and boys to the roles the patriarchal system imposes on boys and girls through stories!

Angela Carter selected these stories — fairy tales which do not portray women as passive pretty princesses — or finished putting together this collection of fairy tales while she was at hospital — dying of cancer. Working for literature till the very end!

It’s a very interesting book for people with a feminist curiosity, and for people who like stories. Here’s the link to the book on the Virago website (Virago is a British publishing house).

Angela Carter at the British Library (radio 3)

An interview with Angela Carter on the British Library website (audio – for Advanced students)

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