July 2, 2013


Asun (2 stories so far), Rosa, Ana, and Helena are intending to write stories as Guest Teachers for this little ebook project! So their names will be on the cover. We would be publishing it in October 2013. If any English-speaker wants to help with the proofreading, let us know!

One of Asun’s stories



Putting together my first e-book of stories as an English teacher!!

I’m collecting (selecting, writing down, proofreading…) stories and idea-stories I’ve been telling people in class in these last year! Thanks to the eCampus I had till this last year!, where I wrote follow-up stuff on things that came up in class!

(From this year, I have Language Misperceptions, Don’t Buy Exams, So here’s a story about love, and The Casino Story... I’ll review these and see if I remember more… If you do, let me know! Oh, I’m improving these days Cruelty to Animals, too)

It would be downloadable for free but also with the request that if people like it they bought it for one euro.

I’ve designed the cover! Do you like it? 🙂


  1. Hello Michelle; I like very much the book’s cover. I’ll be delighted to buy your book. Love, Silvia

  2. Hi, Michelle. This is Valentina and I’ll be deligthed to suport your idea about the book. Best regards.

  3. Hello women!

    😀 Thanks! It’s great you like the idea! Some days ago I was writing a piece on Sol, to include the tourist kind of info but also what Sol has become for many after 15 May 2011!!

    Valentina!!! I can’t believe it! It’s so good to hear from you! Thanks for getting in touch!

    Humongous hug!!! 😀

  4. Hello Michelle. It’s great to hear from you! That is Alicia. Perhaps you don’t remember me, but I was in your class last year. Anyway, I think this project is amazing, so I’ll be delighted to buy it, and above all, to read it. Oh, by the way, i’ll take the chance of giving you thanks for your web, Talking People, for the great effort you do to keep it on. It’s very useful and not only me, but some friends too, are learning a lot with it. Congratulations!

    • Dear Alicia,

      thanks so much for the feedback and your kind words! I really appreciate. ❤ It's encouraging and exciting!! 😀

      From your English I gather you must have been an Advanced student. I suppose you passed, then!

      I'm meaning to update talkingpeople.net. It's true it's got some very useful materials, but at times it's kind of chaotic, and then, I think there are some broken links, right? Please, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have requests, or info about things to be improved! My new email is michelle AT talkingpeople dot net.

      I'm sorry to say I have some memory gaps about last year, because I was very ill with migraines and some horrible medication. But I do think that if I could listen to you telling stories about our class, or see what you look like, I might remember! And by pulling one thread I might remember more people! So feel free to talk to me, if you like.

      Big hug!

  5. At last!!! It’s great news! Thanks!

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  8. […] I mean, for instance, in class, when I tell you stories about my past! Like yesterday, when I told the Casino story in Y3C (it’s the second year I tell that crazy story!) and after that remembered what an […]

  9. http://plansnwhatwedid.wordpress.com/rosa-gonzalez-colilla/

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