Updated Pages

May 21, 2013

I have tried to update the following Pages (right-hand column):

  • Avanzado 2
  • Intermedio 2
  • Learn 2 Learn
  • Topics
  • Music

(For Avanzado 2’s who are still looking for the Sample C1 Exam, it’s not here, it won’t be here. It’s where we say in class, ok? I can write the path again on the whiteboard. Just ask.)

I’m really bad at using blogs. Kind of hopeless. All this should be easier. The tags, I think, and the categories… those are the keys, I think. Mine are in a total chaos!

But just imagine we’re hit by a meteor!!! I mean, I can’t possibly spend more time working on this blog. Time flies!! (Demented laughter)


(I should really stop watching documentaries…)

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