A video on World Book Day (Av 2&co)

May 17, 2013

Our second 5-minute video on the School’s YouTube channel!

I learned so much!!! I’ve learned to edit videos with iMovie!!!

If anyone wants any changes, I can download it and fix things, so just let me know.


  1. Good job Michelle! Problably you are the only multimedia feminist teacher in the World that’s saying a lot. It’s a pitty that the pics have very poor quality or it’s just a draft?


  2. Hiya, Oscar! Good to see you here!
    Thanks! 😀 Yeap, funny how feminism has had such a wide impact but — how few feminists people actually know!, right?

    I did it on purpose, because I don’t have people’s written permission.
    If you all gather it, manage a piece of paper with all your signatures, then I could replace the blurred pics, and later on publish a second improved version (in this way, I’d also upload the correction of the mistake at the beginning).
    What do you think?
    See you!

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