The Shock Doctrine

May 9, 2013

If you have an hour to spare, here you can learn about our recent history in terms of the lack of scruples world leaders and business people have been showing: Freeman * the USA, Pinochet in Chile, Thatcher in the UK (notice how rich she made the rich in relation to ordinary people through her economic policies, and see if there are any connections with what is happening here), the fall of the Berlin Wall, Yeltsin… Iraq… learn about the why’s of violence and their connection to money and power.

The ending of the documentary and Naomi Klein’s talk is inspiring, because the truth is, we CAN do something about it and we are doing it, all over the world! Populations have information at hand, and are using it. Moreover, people are discussing what our “leaders” are doing and realizing there ARE easy answers to the problems. The people who created the crisis want us in shock, so they can squeeze it all from us, privatize it all, have us so anxious and depressed that we can only be slaves, like in the Middle Ages.

The fact that we might choose to ignore what people in power do to our societies doesn’t make them stop doing it. We need to reclaim democracy.

In Spanish TV2: http://youtu.be/Nt44ivcC9rg

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