Learn Italian! – Terraferma (2011)

May 8, 2013

An amazing movie to get you started in Italian.

In Italy, a family of fisherpeople — a grandpa, a daughter and a son, three generations — struggle to make a living, and wonder about quitting fishing and use the boat to work with tourists.

At the same time, other human beings — like a woman from Ethiopia who has been two years journeying through Africa to face then one of the hardest things that can happen: cross a sea, get to the shores, and that because she was lucky: her husband in Milan sent her money to bribe the police officers that had enslaved her.

In Italy, if you respect the law of the country, you cannot pick those desperate human beings at sea to save their lives. However, there’s the law of the Sea, but then —

It’s urgent we trash inmoral laws and create laws that get the best out of us, not the worst!

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