Book to give away!

April 1, 2013

Hiya! I’ve finally decided not to donate the book I bought for the library, An Optimist’s Tour of the Future by Mark Stevenson. I don’t like the book and I don’t think it’s useful for what I thought it would be useful for — the construction of a better world! But — there might be people interested in reading it, so I’m giving away the copy!

My personal assessment is that it’s surprising Redes (a popular science TV program) invited the author, especially if we think the kind of people that have been interviewed there. But then Redes might have its limitations from a socially transformative point of view. I might pose the question to them. In my view, true optimists are easily found in the social movement. It would be good we realized they exist, and stop giving credit on such topics to people who aren’t. The social movement is the safest place to find true optimists because over there people work because they are altruists! They just work out of kindness, courage and intelligence — and often times just getting insult from the people who benefit from their work, which is creepy! So I think people in the mass media should interview social activists if they want to learn about optimism, say all the people in Africa fighting undescribably-cruel rape, or genital mutilation, for instance, or people in technologic-industrial societies fighting patriarchal mentality so that we can liberate our intelligence, make it more capable of intelligent thinking (rational empathy replacing patriarchal reason), and build societies where human beings are able to live together and without destroying life on the planet! Or researchers interested in how scientific research can help build a better world, like the very much respected Cordelia Fine. Anyway,

To my students, if you want a copy, just let me know. I’ll give it to the first who asks (by email or in class)! 🙂 Then you might write a book review for practice, and we can publish it on the talkingpeople.net website! Come on!


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