A 19-year-old woman sentenced to death. Please, read and sign if possible!

March 22, 2013


aminaShe took this pic and wrote in Arabic on her body in defence of women’s rights. She’s been sentenced to death by a religious leader. Read about it and sign if you want to help save her life!

In our patriarchal societies, women’s bodies are abused every day in the open: everywhere women’s bodies are sold and presented as rubber dolls. Real women are not dolls. And real nudes are not about patriarchal porn.

They want to kill her, like they did with us all and are still doing it with us all when we simply did not want and do not want to fit Man’s description (patriarchal society’s description) of what a woman is and what she has to do with her life. (On this, just get some notions that will help you understand what we’re facing in Cordelia Fine’s Delusions of Gender.)

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