Installations by Avanzado 2 students

March 20, 2013


 Avanzado 2 student can post here the installation they imagine about themselves. It’s a beautiful exercise showing some beautiful things about art and human beings. So come on! Don’t be shy! And if you think you are not creative, give it a try, too. A human mind can learn all kinds of things — just think of how very well we’ve learned the gender-system lesson of what a man and a woman are, in spite of the irrefutable fact that we’ve all got human minds (as if genitals were our prison!). Then we could publish them all on the talkingpeople.net website! IMAGINATION TO POWER! 😀 TIPS: To post your “comment” click on the title of this post. Remember it’s better to write your message first in your computer and then just copy and paste. If you have any trouble posting your comment here, send it to my email and I’ll post it for you.


  1. […] to post your Installation, too (Avanzado 2) And Intermedios remember to listen to your […]

  2. I got the first one!! And you’ll love it!
    Remember to tell me what name I shall write down, if it’s me who has to post it, OK?

  3. Hi Michelle,

    I tried to write a comment directly on the web but it seems I need a password or something like that. Anyway, I have decided to have a go about my installation.

    I am a person who likes to discuss with other people everywhere I go. I discuss not only about jobs but also about social issues. Then I have the opportunity to know a bit more about their fears, feelings, worries, hopes,… and that is useful information to improve communication. I mean: to understand people and be understood. Then, what happens is that people don’t forget you easily because communication was good in both directions and everybody likes this.

    So this is why I will choose a footprint.

    As I am a person who never stops looking for answers when any problem appears, I will choose to represent the lower part of a leg wearing a trainer.

    The mix of both will be a footprint made by the trainer sole when the trainer is rising, so the installation will show the footprint and the trainer just rising to start running!

    What do you think? You can post it if corrections are not necessary.

    Regards, JMR

  4. Hi Michelle,

    This is my installation. I don’t how to post it on the blog.

    Sometimes, I would like to open a door to leave the daily routine behind and find a room. Inside, there would be two all-fashioned cardboard suitcases. The closed one filled out with all the things to
    be forgotten for a moment and the other, open like a window to the
    world, surrounded by fragile piles of books, and all the colours to be
    used, and pencils, and brushes, and paper, and so on. It should be a room full with scents or sounds as bridges to bond the past, the
    present and the future.

    Happy Holiday


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