Installations 3

March 20, 2013

I have to say that some adorable students in the Avanzado 2 Lunes group shared their own ideas about their own installations, and that I’d love to publish those!! If you send them to me, I can post them, or better still, publish anybody’s (come on, peeps, imagination to power!) on the talkingpeople.net site.

Felicia – my installation for Felicia would require three walls, one white with a long and wide window pane. In the middle of the space there would be a large ebony table with a leather bound agenda and a pen, and also a bowl of fruit! On one of the two side walls there would be creepers and plants growing kind of wild! On the other, a bit away from the wall, and lined along the wall, as temporarily, a biombo (shade).

ebonytable SONY DSC

Rubén – my installation for Rubén would be kind of abstract. To access his installation, we would have to walk up some metal steps, which would lead to a glass-floor catwalk (so to say). The glass would be tinted sky blue. Looking down we would see the floor covered in sands of different types. I would have drawn with my fingers a series of lines and squares and circles and stuff so that it would look like a circuit of some sort!

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