Things Feminism Has Done For Men

March 16, 2013

By: Natalie123ariel Written on May 23rd, 2012

  1. Men are no longer expected to be the main provider for their entire working lives. They don’t have to be frightened that they and their family will starve if they’re diabled, injured or sick.
  2. They can choose to work in traditionally female jobs, as secretaries, nurses and homemakers, for example.
  3. It’s ok nowdays for men to talk about their feelings; obtain counselling support; admit that they’re emotionally unwell when those things happen.
  4. They can have sex without being expected to marry the woman; if both agree to that. They can choose to enter into a common law relationship and never get married; if that’s in accord with their personal beliefs.
  5. They can now dislcose rape and abuse without being as pressured as they used to be, by the prevailing masculine culture, to remain silent or be accused of being weak, gay and so on.
  6. They can spend more time with their children and be more involved in their daily care.
  7. They can refuse to go to war and sok. Nobody expects them to defend and protect if they don’t want to or they are just not cut out for that sort of role.
  8. They can take better care of themselves – be gentler with themselves. There is less pressure to be macho; macho is not admired anymore.
  9. They can charge an abusive partner with assault, stalking and any other behaviour that endangers them.
  10. No fault divorce means that they don’t have to have a reason to call it quits on an unhappy marriage. They don’t have to have infidelity exposed to obtain a divorce.
  11. They can know that when a woman is with them it’s because she wants to be and because she values all that he is; not because she has no alternative way to survive.

Men and women can choose what side to be on.


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