Books people should read…

March 16, 2013


This book is a must read.

She’s brilliant (and funny), knowledgeable of neuroscientific research and of where we come from, in terms of scientific research before the 20th century. She has done thorough research on all the scam of neurosexism and all the attention its gets from the press. She also draws from her experiences as a mother. So this book is great for people relating to children, and adults who are interested in learning to sort out when scientific research is ill-interpreted. Briefly, neuroscience is not “proving there is a male and female brain”, but it’s striking how many people are saying that. (In Spanish, in case you want to give it as a present: Cuestión de sexos)

More interesting stuff, especially if you have daughters or are in contact with girls and young women: Living Dolls. The Return of Sexism, by Natasha Walter,  Cinderella Ate My Daughter, by Peggy Orenstein (check out Riley, a 4-year-old thinker), The Beauty Myth. How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women, by Naomi Wolf.



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