Prueba documental! :D

March 13, 2013

sabiondoSo here’s the picture of the page I was told I had misquoted. It’s page 22. This was my misquote (which is what it says): “when he’s fifty [meaning Bostrom, quoted just above in the indented paragraph] … he will no doubt have … [now he imagines B’s future], proved a number of the unsolved problems of mathematics, built a robot wife and published several successful cookbooks.”

I circled “wife” in my copy and wrote “gender biased”. My notes say: You can build a robot for doing the housework. Why should you build a robot WIFE? A “wife” is a human being, after all! 😀

Anyway, we can find more examples. In all kinds of places. Because this gender bias is a classic, including men who consider themselves feminists like the author of this book — who seems to believe it’s like a degree, that there is an end to developing a feminist intelligence! 😀 –, especially if the person naively beliefs that our minds are neutral when they confront the world. Traditionally, everywhere you read it’s men defining what women are or should be. The problem nowadays is how little aware people are of how very deeply their intelligence of the world is patriarchal, this is, distorted. That’s why we need to develop a feminist intelligence. 

If you’re interested in reflecting further, read page 24. Today in Avanzado 2 Martes I was talking about this view and then offering a healthier one (and more informed one for sure — just look around you!), I believe, thanks to tons of thinking by using the tool of feminist analyses of violence. But I’ll write about this some other day, in case you want to post your views, people!

I’m posting this closer to the first post on this book, which means, changing the posting time, because I’ve posted much more interesting stuff since, and the author’s reaction is somewhat boring. So far “Part 1: MAN [sic]. Chapter 1: The World’s Most Dangerous Idea” is not exciting or inspiring. It’s about “transhumanism” (which does not have anything to do with transgressing the patriarchal gender-system) or work on not dying. However, the frame of mind perpetuates the same gendered world we have, as if they were unable to think beyond that. As if genitals determined it all of what a human being can be! totally ignoring all the good thinking around the human mind. Well, I’ll stop here! Another example came to my mind and I’ve got tons of other things to do! Nightie night!



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  2. I think I’ll pass this one to my logician friends as an example to use in class. Most common logical fallacies are here: sweeping and hasty generalisations, affirming false consequents, false cause, straw man and circular reasoning.

    • 😀

      • Ignorance is Strength!
        See if you manage to achieve your aims and your book makes you rich and famous!

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