Beer from Belgium is awesome, British “awesome”!

March 10, 2013

So you are out there, people! I mean, also, my adorable students! OK, then. I’ve been checking the mons. the people sent me today. Yes, because next week I’ll be getting Writings, and I want to focus on feedback on the interactions as well. As a teacher, I have to pretend I’m capable of ordering the universe!

So — The only one  I got today and I haven’t been able to work on is Ana’s (hiya!), but right now I’m kind of tipsy! So I’ll have to wait till after dinner, or possibly till tomorrow eve! Belgian beer is the BEST in the world. But it does make you tipsy — drunk, really! And even hallucinate if you drink it like we drink “cañas” (small glasses of beer we have while having “tapas” and chatting away like maniacs!)!

Because Belgian beer is alien to this planet.

Hurray for Belgian beer!


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