Dear all! Thanks for reading!

February 21, 2013

I’d like to thank your visits! It’s encouraging that the work we do in this little blog is helpful! I think some of my students are finally checking it out too, which is good news too! 😀

So here’s a little present. I’m trying to learn to paint, though I’ve got far too much on, with paid and unpaid work, and dealing with my own life! But well, I managed to finish my second gouache piece (kind of childish-looking, right?) and donated it to mujerpalabra.net, because on that site we share postcards we do to fill the world with good ideas! The idea in this postcard below is (translated from Spanish): “Venus Blues 21st.c: So you believe women have human rights but you don’t feel the need to develop a feminist intelligence? (Sad war, so sad.)”
I coined the phrase “feminist intelligence” to add to Cynthia Enloe’s phrase “feminist curiosity” and contribute in this way to try and make people aware that we need feminist curiosity and intelligence to uproot the sexism we’ve all been brought up in century after century and liberate ourselves from this very heavy and violent and distorting patriarchal gender system, that defines what a man and what a woman are in war-like binomies!, committing the crime of limiting our (people’s) human potential.


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