For Av2 Lunes: Thanks for a lovely lesson!

February 14, 2013

Today it was the 13th, but we celebrated One Billion Rising. I would like to thank Irene for her help in the presentation of our activities today (and fanatically congratulate her for her amazing English! It seems that when we speak about things we care for allowing caring for language we can reach for the moon!), and then all the people who constructed a very respectful (sensitive and intelligent?) conversation, not falling into the usual “patriarchal war of the sexes” (or Men’s war against women, to put it more truthfully). It was so interesting, that we kept at it, in togetherness! We shared ideas, experiences, and people were not judgemental, but collaborative… By the way, people, here is the link to the feminist linguist that offers her book for free too on her website. The book you can start with is 45 pages, De lengua, diferencia y contexto, and its here — watch the video, too! (It was about a huge imbecility the Royal Academy of Dead Language, or RAE, stated somewhere!) http://www.mujerpalabra.net/pensamiento/lenguaje/eulalialledocunill/lengua_gnral.htm

So we will be reading the stories later on, after this craze of exam format exercises is over! We’ll need a darn good break! And those stories are a gift! Then, we will also list ideas to fight rape later on.

Then, for the second half of the lesson, I read out the handout by Men Can Stop Rape, people took notes and then we had small groups working together to explore ideas that could be useful to get us all involved in fighting against rape.

I had the chance to talk for a bit with the people in a group who (by chance) was men-only, and they told me that after considering the points of the MCSR handout they thought the key to all of them was listening to women, learning to walk in their shoes. That would breed empathy. And empathy is crucial for making us not do to others what we would not want anyone to do to us. I asked them if they thought it’d be interesting to do some joint and individual thinking around Manhood, Womanhood, and… let’s call it Personhood!! And they thought it would be good! So I might prepare a game or a kind of exercise as a warm-up or something!

carita_beatingheartTime flew and we had no left for a Plenary, but each group told me they would share later on whenever we got the chance.

Thanks to all, for coming and taking such an active part!


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